Andrews Bridge Foxhounds

The Andrews Bridge Foxhounds are very pleased to announce that we are  building new kennels in Kirkwood, which should be completed before the end of this year. Over the summer, the barn at Janet Elliot's Woodville was renovated as a hunt stable for our staff horses & will also continue as a race and lay-up barn.  The new Kennels will be located on

this property. The hunt is continuing all of our normal activities during this process as we have done for the past 99 years. This Centennial Season will be celebrated with new kennels, a new hunt stable, lovely hounds, good hunting and great friends. It will be a Centennial to remember!

Please call or email if interested in hunting with us. Due to the abundance of tobacco this

season we have not been able to do a September Fixture card yet. 


Mr. George Strawbridge Jr. (1970)

Mr. Stephen B. Harris (2008)

Mrs. Betsy M. Harris (2011)


Mrs. Betsy M. Harris, MFH

1 Mt. Eden Road

Kirkwood, PA. 17536


 Celebrating our CENTENNIAL!

                          1917 to 2017