also known as the Black & Tans


Mr. Robert H. Crompton, III (1968)

Mr. George Strawbridge Jr. (1970)

Mrs. Georgia Crompton (1994)

Mr. Stephen B. Harris (2008)

Mrs. Betsy M. Harris (2011)

Mr. William R. Crompton (2011)


Mr. George R Tydings


Mr. Adam J. Townsend (Prof.)


Christiana, Lancaster County, PA

Hon. Secretary     

Mrs. Betsy M. Harris

1 Mount Eden Rd

Kirkwood, PA 17536

(215) 519 - 0154


Mr. Charles Fleischmann (Hon.)

Mrs. Fran Loftus (Hon.)

​Mr. & Mrs. Roddy & Barbara Strang (Hon.)

Ms. Tracy L. Keller (Hon.)

Mrs. Lori Townsend (Hon.)


Hound Exercising 7/17 to 7/31

7am Monday - Thursday - Saturday

Unlimited number of times you may cap during this time. 

$25/rider       Calm & quiet is the objective. Perfect for young horses.

Cubbing officially begins Saturday, August 2nd at 6am

Please contact Hon. Secty. for further information.